Tonies Peppa Pig - bedtime stories with Peppa

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She is small, pink and loves mud puddles more than anything: Peppa Pig delights even the youngest radio play fans with her short stories.
The sleepy princess
It's bedtime, but Peppa isn't tired at all. That's why Papa Pig tells Peppa and George the story of a beautiful princess who lives in a big castle with King Papa, Queen Mama and the little prince. A dinosaur also appears in the story. The princess falls asleep after a long day of work looking at herself in the mirror - and soon Peppa and George fall asleep like the sleepy princess.
The tooth fairy
Peppa's tooth falls out. Mama Pig explains to her that the tooth fairy will come at night to take the tooth and leave a coin behind. Peppa is very excited and wants to stay awake to see the tooth fairy. But she thought staying awake all night would be a little easier...
A nice evening
Mommy and Daddy Pig are going out in the evening, Grandma and Grandpa Pig are babysitters. Peppa and George are put to bed but are too excited to sleep. They would rather watch TV or play games with Grandma and Grandpa Pig. Everyone has fun until they are completely exhausted. When Mama and Papa Pig come home, Peppa and George quickly fall asleep - and so do Grandma and Grandpa Pig.
There are a lot of stars twinkling in the night sky. As an exception, Peppa and George are allowed to put their coats over their pajamas and run out into the garden late at night. Papa Pig shows them the North Star. Unfortunately the stars are all tiny! This would be different if you looked through a powerful star telescope!
Peppa and her family go camping in the country. Papa Pig is very happy, he loves the great outdoors. They set up the tent, build a campfire and watch an owl. When night falls, they realize that the tent is too small for the whole family. But that's no problem, Papa Pig sleeps in the open air - until it starts to rain.
Bedtime for Peppa and George! Some time has passed by the time they have both had a bath, brushed their teeth and read Papa Pig's bedtime story. Finally the children fall asleep peacefully. When Papa and Mama Pig finally sit on the sofa, they realize that they are already very tired themselves.
The kindergarten trip
Peppa goes on a camping trip with her school class. It's fun to sing around the campfire in the dark. It's wonderful to slip into the tent and snuggle up in your sleeping bag. However, a night like this in the tent is also full of eerie noises and it's a good thing that Madame Gazelle, the teacher, has such a big tent with her.
The sleepover party
Peppa is invited to a sleepover party at Zoe Zebra's house. All the friends have come and it's going to be a fun night where sleeping is out of the question. But finally, tired, everyone slips into their cozy sleeping bags.

    Listening sample:

      Details Tonie Peppa Pig - bedtime stories with Peppa

      • Running time approx. 41 minutes
      • Magnetic
      • hand painted
      • integrated NFC chip
      • Material: Plastic
      Track list:
      • 01 - The sleepy princess
      • 02 - The Tooth Fairy
      • 03 - A lovely evening
      • 04 - stars
      • 05 - Camping
      • 06 - Bedtime
      • 07 - The kindergarten trip
      • 08 - The sleepover party
          Age recommendation:
          • from 3 years
          • 2.4 - GHz WiFi
          • Internet access
          • Toniecloud account
          • Toniebox
          Safety notice:
          • Danger! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small pieces. Danger of suffocation.
          Scope of delivery:
          • a Tonie Peppa Pig - bedtime stories with Peppa

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